Ordine Alfabetico

Tutte le canzoni degli Ainur in ordine alfabetico! Clicca sul titolo per leggere il testo e i dettagli.

Anglachel / The Black Sword
Apocalypse (Acoustic Bonus)
Barahir’s Son
Battle Under the Stars
Before the Throne
Beleg’s Death
Coming to Doriath
Conquest of the Silmaril
Daeron’s Betrayal
Daeron’s Song
Earendil & Elwing
Fall of Gondolin
Fate Disclosed
Forging of the Rings
Glaurung’s Death [Children of Hùrin]
Glaurung’s Death [The Lost Tales]
Grinding Ice
Hell of Iron
Hell’s Awakening
Hirilorn [Lay of Leithian]
Hirilorn [The Lost Tales]
How It All Began
Hunt to the Death
In the Presence of Mandos
Kinslaying (The First)
Lay of Leithian
Maglor / The Lost Elf
Mîm & The Outlaws
Morgoth’s Prophecy
Mourning – The Coming of Nienor [Children of Hùrin]
Mourning – The Coming of Nienor [The Lost Tales]
Nienor – The Weeping Maid
Return from Death [Lay of Leithian]
Return from Death [The Lost Tales]
Shadow from the East
Shuddering Water
Son of Gloom
Song of the Night
Spirit of Fire
The Bat and the Wolf
The Beginning of Days [From Ancient Times]
The Beginning of Days [The Lost Tales]
The Broidress
The Fall of Gondolin [From Ancient Times]
The Fall of Gondolin [The Lost Tales]
The Fall of Nargothrond
The Firstborn
The Great Battle (or The War of Wrath)
The Hound of Valinor
The Sack of Nargothrond
The Time Beyond [Lay of Leithian]
The Time Beyond [The Lost Tales]
The Two Songs
The Voice in the Woods
There and Back Again
Thingol & Beren [Lay of Leithian]
Thingol & Beren [The Lost Tales]
Tol Morwen [Children of Hùrin]
Tol Morwen [The Lost Tales]
Touch of the Silmaril
Towards Nargothrond
Túrin’s Madness
Twice Beloved
Ulmo’s Voice
Ungoliant / The Power of Unlight
Verge of the Forest [Lay of Leithian]
Verge of the Forest [The Lost Tales]
War of Wrath
Wars Begin
Wars of Beleriand
Welcoming of Eriol
Yavanna’s Song