Qui potete trovare e scaricare gratuitamente alcuni sample degli Ainur.

Here you can find some free samples of Ainur Music.

FROM ANCIENT TIMES  (Electromantic Music – 2006)

  1. How it All Began
  2. The Firstborn
  3. The Fall of Nargothrond
  4. Nienor – The Weeping Maid
  5. The Fall of Gondolin
  6. War of Wrath
  7. Maglor – The Lost Elf

CHILDREN OF HURIN (Electromantic Music – 2007)

  1. Morgoth’s Prophecy
  2. Anglachel – The Black Sword
  3. The Voice in the Woods – Finduilas
  4. Glaurung’s Death
  5. Tol Morwen

LAY OF LEITHIAN  (Electromantic Music – 2009)ainur_lay_of_leithian_medium.jpg

  1. Lay of Leithian
  2. The Two Songs
  3. Before The Throne
  4. Return From Death
  5. Touch of the Silmaril

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