Lay of Leithian: orchestra, tracklist and date release

Hi Mellon!!!
I’m glad to tell you that the I Musici di San Grato’s Orchestra had recorded his parts of Lay of Leithian album. They had played on 26th April five tracks of double-concept album (signed by *)


Here the tracklist of Lay of Leithian

CD 1
1. Lay of Leithian *
2. Barahir’s son
3. Coming to Doriath
4. Song of the Night
5. Daeron’s Betrayal
6. Thingol & Beren
7. Hírilorn
8. Towards Nargothrond
9. Tol- in- Gaurhoth
10. The Two Songs
11. The Hound of Valinor
12. Siege *
13. Verge of the Forest
14. Ambush

CD 2
15. The Bat and the Wolf
16. Carcharoth
17. Conquest of the Silmaril
18. Before the Throne *
19. Hell’s Awakening *
20. Return from Death
21. Daeron’s Song
22. Hunt to the Death
23. Touch of the Silmaril
24. In the Presence of Mandos
25. The Time Beyond *

The album will be probably release in June, as always by Electromantic Music by Beppe Crovella.

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